Monday, March 2, 2009

Tregunter, Wales

Tregunter, an old seat of the Gunters, from whom it derives its name, was originally bestowed by Bernard Newmarch upon Sir Peter Gunter or Gaunt d'or, in reward for his services in the reduction of Brycheiniog, and continued in that family for many years. The place was sometimes referred to as Gunterstone, a place long ago alienated from the powerful family which indelibly inscribed their name upon it, which Sir Peter's descendants possessed for six or seven generations, until they removed to Gilston, in the parish of Llanfigan, perhaps under stress of weather, or more probably esteeming the vale of Usk more desirable than the colder neighbourhood of Talgarth.


  1. Fantastic tour! Traveling to Tregunter has been a dream of mine for some time and I appreciate your sharing your experiences!

  2. My great grandmother, Louisa Gunter (from the Berkshire Gunters), came to London as a Maid with her sister... oh how the mighty fall. We are not doing bad now though... Well done on the blog.

  3. Great photos and research. Thanks for doing that. Have always wanted to get to Talgarth and see Tregunter for myself. Perhaps I will one day. My father is Charles Reid Gunter from Stuart, Virginia. He is a direct descendant of George Washington Gunter who moved to Stuart from Halifax County in 1825.

    William E. Gunter
    Pinehurst NC

  4. It is a shame there is not recorded documents of the Gunters of Wales emigrating to the USA. Most beleive they decend from John Gunter b.1624 in Kintbury who was said to of emigrated to the US.
    But as yet no documents can prove he did for sure. Though I believe he did...having th paper work to prove such would be a must.
    I decend from John's brother..he stayed in the UK, down to my great grandmother Minnie Matilda May Gunter b.1899 in Tadley Hampshire, England.
    This is on my mothers side.

    1. My records [from Steve Chase, son of Vivian Gunter Chase and from Luke Gunter] tell that John Gunter was born 09 Feb 1589/90 in Kintbury and died in Virginia abt 1679. He had a son, John Gunter, born 1624 in Henrico County, VA. Of course, there were a lot of Gunters in Kintbury and the John Gunter you mention may be a totally different one.


    This site has some more photographs of Tregunter. They look as if they have been taken from the other side. Have you already seen them?

  6. It was good to see these images. I was brought up a few miles from Tregunter in the village of Llanfilo and we used to walk that way to Talgarth quite regularly. As kids we used to play in the woods nearby. It must be lovely for you to trace your roots like this.
    Enjoy it.

  7. John: Visit your blog quite regularly and love looking at the pictures. Am planning a trip of my own, but want to do some research first. Still trying to find a copy of "The Descent of Tregunter". The biggest question I guess I have for you is: has there been any digs or research done to point to where the original Norman castle owned by the Gunter was located? Would love to research more about Peter Gunter and his son William Gunter.


  8. Does anyone know where Sir Peter Gunter is buried

    Lee Gunter

  9. Oh yah that property technically belongs to my family. My great,great grandfather was a Gunter.

  10. Just found this nugget. Will get to Gunterstone eventually, I'm sure. Nice blog!

  11. We're here in the UK now, in Bath. Tomorrow we'll be heading to Talgarth. I want to thank you for being part of the inspiration for this trip.

  12. From research on John Gunter was born in 1590 in Kintbury, England (and from 25 other trees) my 10th great grandfather. He settled in Virginia. The line I decend from moved to North Carolina and from there Oglethorpe and Wilkes County Georgia.

    Billy Gunter